How To Prevent Osteoarthritis | Easy Way

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Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes pain in the joints. It damages the tissue near the joints like body tissue , tendons, and ligaments, Which result in wear and tear in the joints. Here cartilage works as a fluid but if the cartilage is damaged too much then bone rubs against bone give a lot of pain, stiffness, and a lot of troubles to the person suffering from osteoarthritis. Basically, older people are suffering from these dangerous diseases osteoarthritis. You cant fully prevent osteoarthritis. But you can do some tasks to reduce the chances of suffering from osteoarthritis. Taking proper care helps you to fight against osteoarthritis.

How To Prevent Osteoarthritis
Having healthy bones is very important nowadays. Once you reach 35+ years of age your bone mass decrease which result in your bones break easily. So it is necessary to increase the bone mass by taking supplements that are required by your body. So let’s talk about the different ways to control the risk of osteoarthritis.

Control body weight

Extra weight always puts more pressure on your knee joints, ankles, and feet. If you have extra fat on you then just burn it by doing regular exercise to keep your body weight on control to reduce the chances of osteoarthritis.

Avoid Sugar

Consuming more sugar increase the chances of osteoarthritis. So it is important to take care of your sugar level to avoid the chances of attack of osteoarthritis.

Prevent unnecessary injury to your joints

If you suffer from joint injuries then the chances of getting osteoarthritis. If you belong to the old age group then prevent injuries to muscle, joints, ligaments, and tendons. It is important to take care of this part because in the old days these things don’t recovery easily. So be careful with daily work and don’t harm yourself by doing unnecessary work or exercise. If you doing any exercise then take a proper guide from the instructor.

Give rest to joints

If your joints feeling the pain then simply understand it is time to give the rest to your joints. Use some ice packs to relieve the pain. Learn some good exercise to protect your joints. Use some warm water to release the pain present in your joints.

Eat green vegetables

Your bones required a very large amount of vegetable nutrients which helps to keep your bone healthy. Vegetables help to increase bone mineral density. Calcium and other minerals found in your bones. Osteoporosis is the condition that results from low bone density and you will suffer from lots of pain. Osteoporosis is frequently seen in women after the age of 35+. Consuming a diet high in vegetables has helped to create healthy bones.

Take supplements and complementary medicine to prevent osteoarthritis

Glucosamine and SAMe helped to improve the conditions of osteoarthritis. It gives the relaxation from the knee pain. Before taking any medicine it is important to take proper advice from the doctor to guide you more perfectly.

Do regular Exercise

Doing regular exercise can increase the life span of your joints. Do those exercise which is good for your osteoarthritis. Exercise like which helps you to maintain healthy joints helps to reduce the stiffness, Reduce the pain and fatigue and increase the muscle and bone strength from inside.

Stay active all-day

According to scientists exercise to boost your energy. It can also strengthen your muscles and bones and help you to keep your bone more healthy. Go for an aerobic workout to keep your joint life span more and keep you stay active all day.

Avoid Calories

Avoid fewer calories which are good for your bone. If you consume more calories products result in muscle mass loss, it can also affect your bone health. To build and maintain strong bones at least 1300 calories per day. It should include a good protein amount and that supports bone health. More calories help to reduce bone density and the chances of osteoarthritis increase.

Take good sleep

Good sleep is more effective to reduce the stress on your osteoarthritis. If you are uncomfortable in bed then you can use some pillows under your joints to keep him for rest for better hilling. Still, if you have a problem regarding osteoarthritis then it is time to do a complete check-up.

Don’t smoke

If you smoke daily then your bone loses the density and higher risk of bone weakness and increases the chances of osteoarthritis.. So you need to leave these bad habits to keep your bone stronger for old age.

Limit the use of caffeine to make your bone stronger

Caffeine can decrease the amount of calcium you absorb. Avoid drinking coffee for a long time. Limit the coffee about 2-3 cups of coffee per day.

Stay positive

Your mental condition is also important to fight against osteoarthritis. Every day just stays positive and takes the precaution to reduce the pain and illness regarding osteoarthritis.


Having healthy bones is very important nowadays. Once you reach 35+ years of age your bone mass decrease which result in your bones break easily and it may result in osteoarthritis. So it is necessary to increase the bone mass by taking proper care required by your body. So in the above, we have discussed some of the effective ways which are 100% working

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