How To Make Your Voice Deeper | Easy Way

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Women prefer men with deeper voices and find more interesting. A strong and deeper voice makes a man more confident authoritative. The deepness of voice is found by the length of the vocal cord you have. If you want a deeper voice then you need to thicken and lengthen your vocal cords.

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Easy Way

Normally the boys who produce more testosterone hormone helps to have more lengthen and thicken vocal cords. Talking in a low pitch for a long time also affects the vocal cords. So one thing we can do is finding your natural pitch and optimal tone by a few exercises that will help you to have a deep voice.So let’s talk the ways to have a deeper voice.

Strengthen your neck muscles

If you put your hand on your throat then you can easily feel two long muscles which are your sternocleidomastoids, and when they get tense then your vocal resulting a deeper voice. So it is one of the effective ways to have a deeper voice. Stronger neck muscles are better at the good deep voice. So here are some exercises to make your neck muscle stronger. Just simply stretch the neck to put some tension which helps to build up the muscle strength. Once you got used to this exercise you can feel the difference in your voice.

Breathe from the diaphragm

Breathe with your body to do that. If your chest and shoulder rise when you breathe it means you are doing in the wrong way. The proper breath originated from the diaphragm. While you inhale the air try to shift the effort downward to your stomach flexes out while your shoulders remain completely still. It is a little bit difficult exercise but it can give you a good result in a small span of time.

Doing mastering diaphragmatic breathing will also give you a good deep voice which is helpful in doing communication, it also reduces the stress and improves athletic performance because it is a very effective way of breathing. It gives your voice more power. The harder you push your diaphragm the louder your voice will be. The second benefit of breathing from your diaphragm is that it helps to deepen your voice without putting you ill. Your voice will be more resonant as you breathe correctly.

Drink more water to get deeper voice

Having a deep voice is also depends on the size of the vocal cords. If you don’t drink enough water then your vocal chord will shrink it will result in loss of mass, leaving you with thinner vocal cords is not going to give you deeper voice that you want. The solution to make things easier is to drink enough water as much as possible. you need to drink 4-5 litres of water every day.

Improve your natural unique voice

Improving your natural voice will help you with something your voice. Your voice is not sound exactly the way you want to but it will take some time to make your voice louder and deep, you need to have some patience. Don’t make your life unpleasant even if your voice not sounding good. It’s ok to accept things to make life easier.Just do some few exercises listed above which will help you to sound more interesting, louder, and having a deep voice.


So one thing we can do is to change your natural tone by a few exercises that will help you to have a deep voice. The few exercises are discussed above which is 100% effective. So for more updates stay tuned.

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