How To Build Bigger Arms And Biceps In A Week

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To have bigger arms and biceps follow a few easy steps to train your body within a week to see some better results. The key to success is to do hard work. So let’s start the few workout tricks.

How To Build Bigger Arms And Biceps In A Week

1. Increase your weekly volume of training

The study tells muscle protein is synthesis every 40- 70 hours which means you can only work 2- 3 times a week to achieve your optimal growth.

2. Weight lifting

Weight lifting is the best exercise which helps to have arms and biceps too. You have to learn few things like how long you take to lower the weight, how long to pause at the bottom of the lift, how long taken to lift the weight, and finally how long you pause the top of the movement. All this exercise is very crucial to get your result within a week to full fill your dreams.

3. Consume more protein

To increase the size of your arms and biceps you need sufficient protein to grow your muscles. You need to have a good diet which will help you to grow the big arms more efficiently. While you doing a lot of upper body exercises result break down of muscle fibre and to create the muscle fibre for further growth all this process required a large amount of protein which you need to take as a supplement or you can add protein content food to your diet.

4. Stretch your muscles

This is the best way to grow your muscle very fast. While doing stretching it helps the muscles fiber to break and to start to grow again which is a good sign for those who need bulky arms and biceps.

5. Warm-up for the workout

A good warm-up can help you to do exercise for a long period. It helps your muscles to heat so that during the real exercise it will help you to burn the calories to make your arms larger and harder. A warm-up helps you to send the signal to your brain that every muscle is ready to work hard to give a better result.

Best warm-up exercise are:-

walking- It helps in the cardiovascular exercise which is good for the heart and helps in burning the fat and also reduce the cholesterol. Walking daily can help to burn out 500 calories per hour. It also helps to feel more fresh and energetic.

Interval training
A walk or an aerobic dance adding interval training which boosts your fitness as well as your immunity system which is a very good start for the body to warm up.

Squats- It is very beneficial in building the leg muscles- quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. This drill promotes body-wide muscle building which always helps you to increase your lower body strength in the long run and also shows you have a good figure and you are a healthy person.

Push ups-It is the most beneficial exercise for building upper body strength. Push-ups generally help in building the triceps, pectoral muscles and helps in having wider shoulders. It also helps in strengthening the lower back mussels, if you have back pain or any type of back problem then push-up is good to start for you.

Now we will discuss different types of workout

1. Incline bench press
lie on the bench, hold the bar firmly with a good grip then slightly wider the shoulder, push the bar Straight away from your chest simentenously press your feet into the ground for more stability, Then slowly bring back the bar towards your chest
. Repeat this exercise to perform at least 4-5 sets and each set should contain a repetition of ten numbers.

2. Tricep dip
Put your arms on the bar then slightly push your chest up bend your elbow s to lower your body as far as you can control your whole body weight, Press back up powerfully to return to the start. In this way, you do at least 4 sets and each set should contain 8 repetitions. This will definitely help you to grow your arms firmly.

3.dumbbell bench press
Lie on a flat bench, holding dumbbells by your shoulders with palms facing. Drive your feet into the floor and press the weights straight up for the better result. Then slowly bring back to the start position. In this way, you do at least 4 sets and each set should contain 10-15 repetitions to make your arms stronger.

4. Diamond press-up
Press your thumbs and index fingers touching to form a diamond. Bend your elbows to lower chest towards the ground. Push down through your hands very slowly to return to the start position. It is very effective for bices. In this way, you do at least 6 sets and each set should contain 8-10

5. pull-ups
Hold the pull bar using an overhead grip with hands slightly wider than the shoulder. Then pull yourself up until your chest touches the bar. For beginners, it is difficult to do this exercise perfectly but according to your strength how much you can pull just do it. This is the best exercise for arms and biceps. In this way, you do at least 8 sets and each set should contain 8 repetitions.


This is the best exercise to make good arms and biceps. All you need to do is follow the advice given at the top to achieve your goals. For beginners, it will be difficult in the beginning but after a few days, you will enjoy it while doing this.

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